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The other divisional charts are sub-divisions of this chart. 2. Hora chart However, this is subject to the Dhan yoga formed in the horoscope. 3. Dreshkanna.

Your Death Date is: You Have:. Death Calcualtor Everyone of us is affraid of Death, and most of us won't have the courage to face it, but everyone is curious to know when is there time to go when we will say good bye to our family, This tool is only for fun purpose you can use it to know your death time.

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How it works This calculator is based on simple average death prediction of people and on the basis of your information, we find your death date. View All. Biganani ndebele. Yatendre kumar attri. Anant H. Rahul chopra.

This is a bullshit site. Vijit nair. Pankaz Chandra Das. Add Your Comments. Then you need to study with the teachers that use that system, as use the software that calculate it, etc.

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I use Sidereal Zodiac as per the Vedic tradition. Hello sam sir, I just downloaded the image of my horoscope, in it there are 3 small charts on the right hand side, 9 10 Tr I think they are navamsa, dashamsha, and trimshamsha,,….. The d10 chart seems to be completely different from what I get elsewhere for my birth as well. Chart never showed up, can you please provide me an assistance…. Just give your name and email address to get hours of videos and answers to these deeper questions.

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Get this powerful video series on exactly how to know yourself better and learn astrology. You can generate your chart here. After you do, just save the image to your computer. Facebook Comments. Pritam on March 2, at pm. This 10 written chart is the D10? Plz clear this Is it dhasamsa? The career chart?

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Angelika on February 2, at pm. Preranapraveen gmail. Can I become a doctor? Alejandro Padua on September 23, at am. Shiva on August 13, at pm.

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  8. Unknown on November 25, at pm. It is the expansion chart of 9th house. You can predict or improve your married life from that. Mystic Messenger hack on June 21, at am. But, what about the conclusion? Are you certain about the supply? Rayeste on June 19, at pm. Very interesting Site…thanx for publishing the downloadable chart calculator as well! Greetings from France. Ray este Reply. Chris on July 4, at pm.

    Hello the chart reader doesnt generate. Chris on May 23, at pm. Julie Colton on May 11, at pm.

    Hi Sam. Julie Colton on April 7, at am. Linette Sue on June 2, at am. The D10 is giving an insight on how will be your work life Reply.

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    Any expert here?? AstroNerd on February 7, at pm. Its not working please fix it Reply. How can i read my chart Reply. Anonymous on December 28, at pm. Anonymous on November 23, at am.