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The other divisional charts are sub-divisions of this chart. 2. Hora chart However, this is subject to the Dhan yoga formed in the horoscope. 3. Dreshkanna.

If you've ever wondered why some people need a lot of assurance while others are quite confident, look to their Moon sign. Planet Meanings and Description: Mercury is about your communication style, how you think, how you solve problems, how you learn, what you're curious about, and some of your general interests. In your natal chart, Mercury is either the same as your Sign sign, or the sign immediately before or after your Sun sign.

If you were born when Mercury was retrograde , you are intuitive and introspective. You're a thinker, someone who tends to think things through before speaking. If you were born when Mercury was stationary, you're very communicative and are constantly thinking. Planet Meanings and Description: Venus governs your romantic relationships, who you attract, how you attract them, your social skills, how affectionate you are, what you consider beautiful, what you want in a partner, and how you interact with others.

It also oversees money — both spending and receiving earning. Venus is a planet of luck and good fortune, but not as much as Jupiter. It is always found in the same sign as your Sun, or the two signs directly before or after. If you were born when Venus was retrograde, you're most comfortable around the people you know.

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Your finances might be limited when you're younger, but will increase as you age. The same rules apply to your love life as to your finances.

If you were born when Venus was stationary, you have a very active social life, finding love is very important, and you have the potential for financial success. Planet Meanings and Description: Mars is about your motivation, your initiative, your aggression, your confidence, your inner drive, your physical strength and stamina, what you want to achieve, where you put your energy, and how much of a risk-taker you are. Mars is what gets you up and going every day. It is how you express your anger. It's also your sex drive, and what you desire for and give in a sexual relationship. If Mars was retrograde when you were born, you direct your energy internally, and probably avoid confrontation.

If Mars was stationary when you were born, you're all about action. Going after what you want is your priority. Planet Meanings and Description: Jupiter governs your ethics, your philosophy about life, where you're lucky, where you're abundant, where you're cautious, and where you want to learn and how you can benefit from that knowledge.

Jupiter is a lucky charm that expands whatever it touches, thus showing what it is that you do on a large scale.

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It shows where you receive financial benefit and how generous you are with others. Any cycle of existence must begin in something. Life emerges out of one kind of seed or another. In the cycle of yearly vegetation, the seed lies hidden in the ground during the winter; then, as the sun's rays gain strength and spring begins, the great event of germination occurs. As the seed is torn asunder by some inner power of eager response to the sun, the rootlet stretches itself downward into the soil and the little germ reaches up to the crust of the soil, which it breaks in a magnificent gesture of liberation from the darkness of the past.

Rootlet and upreaching germ are, however, but the twofold "externalization" of the power of life that has been imminent and latent in the seed. They represent the two basic aspects of life: the search for raw materials which can be incorporated into the growing plant and the drive of more or less conscious forms of existence for self-expression in the light and self-multiplication in a progeny. The former produces the complex system of roots which provide water and chemicals to the plant; the latter manifests as stem, branches, leaves, flowers, and the fruit within which a new crop of seeds will mature.

In Greek mythology, the god Saturn was said to be the ruler of the "Golden Age," the age of purity and innocence. Why was Saturn given this position, which seems ill-fit for the mostly dreary reputation which astrologers usually give to the planet which is supposed to be the embodiment of this god? The planet Saturn is, in its most fundamental aspect, the seed; and the power of the seed is supreme during the very first phase of existence, when the downward and upward drives of rootlet and germ are still close to the seed — indeed within the "aura" or field of energy of the seed.

It simply repeats the great and much older Indian tradition which described four yugas or great cycles : Satya Yuga was the first age, the Golden Age — and we will note at once the relation between " Sat-ya " and " Sat-urn. It is, thus, the seed state before germination - i.

ASTROGRAPH - Saturn in Astrology

In the now quite fashionable language of Zen Buddhism, the word refers to a man's "fundamental nature" — or, it is said, to "the face one had before one was born. To live "spiritually" is to live in terms of, and with reference to, this seed-being instead of according to the dictates or ever-changing moods perhaps vagaries, even perversions of our surface being. It is, therefore, to live in terms of what the planet Saturn essentially represents — that is, in terms of the "purity" of our true self. In Sanskrit, the word Satya has also the meaning of truth — but truth not as an intellectual fact — i.

Saturn is, therefore — if I can be permitted this bi-lingual play on words — the "urn of essential being. It is the foundation of human existence — first, in a "generic" sense for we all are first of all human beings , then in an "individualized" sense as a particular person with a consciousness which he calls his own.

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Why do we speak in astrology of Saturn as the symbol of fate or often unbearable pressures and of ill fortune? It is most evidently because most human beings today do not live in terms of their fundamental nature, but rather according to the formulas and the set modes of response to life and environment which have produced what they call their ego.

They live determined by circumstances and complex relationships, according to traditional social patterns or, even more today, according to ever-changing fashions. Yet the fundamental nature within them is not dead. Its presence is felt, sometimes quite crucially and devastatingly; but it is experienced as a stern reproach the so-called "voice of conscience" or as what we interpret as the compulsion of fate — which many people call "Karma.

Thus, Saturn has acquired the reputation of being "the task-master," he who drives us as if we were his slaves. We are slaves — but only to the superficial and deviated reactions of our everyday personality. We have enslaved ourselves; and Saturn's stern and forbidding countenance is only the negative image of our true individual selfhood, of Satya in us. It is, in us, the image of our seed-being, which implores us — and often demands of us in ways from which there is no escape — to "re-become" what we were "before we were born," before we became perverted by our relationship to our environment.

The seed-that-was-in-the-beginning demands of us that we change our ways of response to life and interpersonal relationships because the time has come for the reformation of seeds within the fruitions of our personality.

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The seed-that-was is projecting its archetypal image upon the process that leads to the seed-that-will-be — to what spiritually inclined philosophers have called the "New Man," the child-self whom we must bear within if our life is to prove to have been worth living. Saturn and Bearing A woman "bears" a child. A well-educated person knows how to "bear" himself in society.

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A pillar "bears" the weight of a building. There are indeed many ways in which we can use the words to bear and bearing. Yet, essentially, these varied meanings are derived from the principle of existence, the function of which Saturn is a symbol; for Saturn is not only a power effective in the beginning and at the end of any cycle of existence which has reached a degree of achievement and fulfillment in some kind of seed product, but it is also the power which sustains and maintains the structural integrity of the existing organism and personality.

In the broadest sense of the term, "bearing" for a person means the ability to retain his structural integrity in spite of conditions which might tend to distort and perhaps destroy it.

In the usual sense, a person displays a good bearing when the structural balance and the poise of his body are not disturbed by difficult or embarrassing conditions in his environment, particularly when having to play a part in an important social gathering. The children of the nobility were taught first of all to have a good bearing; they were trained into the accepted manner of how to comfort themselves under all circumstances. We can only regret that the youth of America, for so many years now, has failed to recognize the importance of bearing in a physical sense.

It has lacked, at least under usual conditions, "backbone. At the very least, it cultivates an acceptance of dumb human behavior—which is generally helpful for dealing with other humans. But if we look at astrology as a useful framing device, then take a pause from considering Mercury, and spend a few moments contemplating Saturn, instead.

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It takes Saturn much longer to travel around the sun than Earth, about 30 years. Just as we spend about a month in each astrological sign during our solar journey, Saturn spends about three years passing through each sign. For instance, Earth just moved from Pisces into Aries. In December of , Saturn entered Capricorn.