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The other divisional charts are sub-divisions of this chart. 2. Hora chart However, this is subject to the Dhan yoga formed in the horoscope. 3. Dreshkanna.

The Aquarian man can adapt to change easily and this helps him deal better. But the Taurean woman is scared of change. She feels secure and safe with her partner whom she does not want to leave. Both of them can learn something from each other. The Taurus woman can learn to be a little easy going, and the Aquarius man can learn to love a little. The Aquarian woman has an air of mystery around her.

She is intrigued by the Taurus man due to his masculinity and he- due to her mysterious nature. The Aquarian woman is eccentric in nature. She is unpredictable and not at all conventional. The Bull is practical and set in his ways- he is anything but eccentric! The Taurean man devotes all his love and attention towards his partner, who is loyal to him as well. But she wants to spend time with her friends too, which may be a little difficult for the Bull to understand.

Both of them need to give love to each other, not just receive it.

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The Taurus man needs to understand her unpredictable nature, and she needs to deal with his predictability! Subscribe Daily Horoscope. Congratulation: You successfully subscribe Daily Horoscope. This particular mixture produces people who are rather open-minded, motivated and thoughtful of others. A well-balanced personality is exhibited, with lots of flexibility, making the Aquarian Ox an ideal partner. While the Aquarian Ox is a trustworthy, hard-working individual, he or she will also have a dislike of change.

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This little blemish on their character is blamed on the Ox's suppression of the typical need for diversity often prominent in Aquarians. To overcome this fear of change, and some of their shyness, these people often require others around them to help them. Although the independent touch of Aquarius exists in these individuals, it needs coaxing forward. Gentle reminders and encouragement to communicate their concerns more effectively, will, as a rule, help them cope with any necessary changes of direction.

Comments: Aquarius Ox Personality. AquariOx Very interesting and informative read. Most points are spot on, others a teeny bit less accurate or has yet to reflect in me my personality, so far, I guess. Made me understand myself better, validated what I already know, and has me looking forward to what is still to show in my character. Definitely helped me in pointing out not so admirable traits I possess that need improvement.

Thank you for the detailed explanation. Eduardo Galace Proud to be January 24, ! My son is an Aquarian Ox. So far, I find this to be very accurate! Payten I am Aquarius Ox and I find this to be very accurate for me He's done a lot of dirt but doesn't approve other others dirt.

But the rest of the characteristics listed are accurate. Any article that says there is no compatibility probably doesn't understand how the relationship's compatibility works I am a taurus woman who dated an aquarian man and everything you said is true. We broke in but we want to work things through but I have been demotivated by reading articles that say we are not compatible.

Can we have a long relationship? Wow I totally agree with Jin Rouge. This article was spot on. Definitely explains my relationship with my boyfriend. I am the Taurus and he is the Aquarius. Thank you for taking the time to educate us on the positive aspects of this dynamic duo. I've been reading about Aquarius and Taurus compatibility and I'm on the verge of losing hope until I found this article. Almost every article I find stronggly suggests how Aquarius and Taurus is a mismatch and take a heavy compromise to work.

It's frustrating. But reading this was very positive and have spark a hope in me. I am an Aquarius and my man is a Taurus and this article is so legit. Thank you!

Can the trend seeker find love with the stability seeker?

I do hope I can make it work with him as I really like him :. Eva, I am also an Aqua sun, taurus moon, aqua venus libra asc and pisces mars. I've been going through very odd emotions with my taurus moon in virgo. He has a leo placement somewhere too. My taurus came on very strong in the beginning while I was still very cautious because who falls in love in a matter of months not this aqua?

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Maybe because my moon is taurus I'm freely cautious?? He disappeared on me for over a year, no communication whatever, then returned.

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I forgave. Did not make a big deal of it but expressed my feelings. We started off in the flirting stages all over again, but it just doesn't move pass that. Aqua me wants him to voice himself and clearly say he wants a relationship with me but it appears he's maybe waiting for me because he doesn't want to be rejected?

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I feel we are both considerate people and don't want to rush each other but it becomes stagnant when either actually says what they want. I feel I will have to be the one to voice myself even though this aqua would love if a man can be traditional and ask her out. I would never ask a man to marry me so in the same concept, I don't "believe" in asking out a man. This is my fixed personality coming out. When we are lying around or eating, conversation can be dry. Taurus talks mostly about himself and rarely asks about me and as an Aqua, we always have something to say if asked.

Maybe because of my taurus moon, I'm not energetic, social, very talkative unless I need to be. I feel his virgo moon and taurus moon is what may make us attracted as well. All of my crushes have a virgo moon, btw. Longest relationship was with a virgo moon. I'm still crushing over this taurus but my fixed self tells me I need him to tell me he actually wants me back. Hi, I am aquarius sun, taurus moon, pieces ascendant, aries mars, aquarius venus and I am terribly in love since long with a man who is a Taurus Sun, Libra moon, Taurus mars, gemini venus Thanks for the very interesting article!

My best male friend is also a Taurus and we feel like soulmates since thirty years! What you wrote explains very well how our friendship works Blessed be! Are you currently in a relationship with this man? Any sign can cheat.

No one is above it. He could have been joking, but ask yourself why you are sensing a red flag and think things through. I am in love with aquarius man and I am Taurus women. Over the years 3 years we went well but since few days my man saying he's in a relationship with another gal, it has put my world up side down. Again he said its just a joke he doesn't have another gal.

I couldn't get which is right. Please advise me Aquarius man can be a cheater? I love him so much how do I get him back if he's in relation with another gal? I can't imagine my life without my darling man.

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    Taurus Helps Aquarius Stay Grounded Aquarius and Taurus have the capacity to have a great flow of energy in their relationship. How the Seasons Come Into Play It may help this pair to really understand how winter runs into spring. Thanks for positive suggest. Im taurus girl and i love aquaris man Is it possible to marry him and stay long?

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