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The other divisional charts are sub-divisions of this chart. 2. Hora chart However, this is subject to the Dhan yoga formed in the horoscope. 3. Dreshkanna.

Are you in debt? A late fee or higher minimum payment this month might throw you for a loop! However, the eclipse can bring positive impact to your financial situation through a cash gift, inheritance, or bonus. Make sure you use it responsibly!

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The next several eclipses happen in your sign and your sister sign, Capricorn, so the events and affairs leading up to are major for you! This particular eclipse focuses on your relationships. These changes come from the other person offering you an invitation or proposition to try something new—think it over before immediately saying yes! Capricorn season is the ultimate bummer for your sign and pulls all of your focus on work. Your schedule is too hectic to handle, and this eclipse sheds a light on how you handle your day-to-day affairs.

Not just your work routine is undergoing change—your health as far as your exercise habits and diet can be transformed for the better now. This eclipse is less business-focused for your sign. There are opportunities to try something new for fun or turn a hobby into a source of income with this eclipse.

You might also experience more activity in your love life! Catching feelings for someone is way more likely to occur right now.

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You can get super lucky with this eclipse and find your crush coming up to you to ask for your number, or see if you want to grab coffee sometime soon. Changes with your living situation are afoot and will be related to your job, your roommates, or your family. Maybe your roomie is moving out and the new roommate brought by the eclipse becomes an important friend.

A new career opportunity might also spur you to pack up and relocate. Tons of opportunity to socialize and network come from this eclipse. A get-together or class can provide you with tons of resources in the form of networking, new connections, and a great deal of knowledge. This eclipse wants to introduce you to important people and expose information that you can use to your advantage in your professional life. This eclipse highlights your income. Your financial situation has been existing in extremes lately. Either way, circumstances lead to big gains or losses that urge you to reconsider your spending habits, followed by an opportunity to change them.

This is a big one! Until , you and your sister sign, Cancer, are subject to back-to-back eclipses in your signs.

Your January 12222 Horoscope Comes With Stellar New Beginnings & Unexpected Closure

These unusual circumstances lead you to having a more detailed and complete idea of who you are. What are your goals? Who do you want to become? Chasing your personal dreams is encouraged now, and you can discover and define new parts of yourself.

This eclipse brings a need for alone time. This eclipse helps you find closure and your sign is lucky enough to get a truly fresh start to the year as a result! The relationships you form at your job are especially important right now, and the people you leave a good impression on today may be your future friends in high places. Business meetings and professional affairs are on your agenda and draw attention to your short-term accomplishments as well as your long-term aspirations.

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Solar Eclipse in Capricorn, Uranus Direct Astrology Horoscope All Signs: January 5-6 2019

Today's Top Stories. Eclipse season may involve specific lunar events, but in all honesty, eclipse season truly lasts an entire season. You may be reaching the end of an era, but it's also the beginning of a beautiful new journey, and your January 7, , weekly horoscope goes to show that there's still so much work left to be done. However, just because it's disciplined Capricorn season doesn't mean that the work has to be boring.

As a matter of fact, Venus — planet of love, romance, and luxury — enters spontaneous, wild, and open-minded Sagittarius on Jan. This means that Venus joins Mars — planet of primal instincts and drive — in the element of fire. After undergoing so much emotional introspection through water signs and analytical stress through earth, I think we can all use an energy shake-up, don't you think? Remember to beware of rushed and aggressive thinking when Mercury — planet of cognitive function and logic — forms a tight square with Mars on Jan.

Allow yourself to feel what you feel, but save the major decisions for later. When the sun overflows with the energy of a conjunction with transformative and secretive Pluto on Jan. With Mercury conjunct Saturn taking place on Jan. No matter how trying these times may feel, the week ends on a positive and driven note because Jupiter — planet of luck and expansion — forms a square with artistic and dreamy Neptune. Allow this to fuel your artistic expression.

Partial Solar Eclipse on 5–6 January

Venus has entered your ninth house of expansion and adventure, taking your life for a romantic and stimulating journey. Feel free to ride with the wind and let yourself fall in love with the unknown. With Mercury in your career house squaring Mars in your first house of the self, you're feeling especially sensitive about where you're going in life.

Don't fall prey to irrational feelings you're having about your success. Venus is in your eighth house of sex, making you overwhelmingly desirably and in need of true intimacy and romantic connection. Allow this to bring you closer to yourself or someone else. Jupiter is also in your eighth house of sex, bringing luck to your sexual expression. However, as it forms a square with scattered Neptune, it may be time to see your romantic delusions for the truth.

Let this week bring you clarity. Pairing up is all that's on your mind now that Venus is in your seventh house of partnerships. You're looking to forge lasting connections with your loved ones and nurture loyalty, as well as romance. As Mercury in your house of sexuality forms a square with Mars in your social house, you may feel sensitive and in the mood for intense conversations. Make sure to think what you're expecting from others through. Save battles for later.

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With Venus moving through your sixth house of work and health, your love language has immediately become acts of service. You're in the mood to help others, and you're turned on by being helped in return. With the sun and Mercury in your seventh house of partnerships, you're rethinking what makes your relationships work. Concoct a plan to remedy any lingering issues or figure out how you can cut your losses. Your fifth house of play and pleasure has been activated by Venus, setting you on a lovely and fun-filled journey in your social life, as well as your love life.

Go on creative dates and indulge in childlike wonder. With Mars in your ninth house of adventure squaring Mercury in your house of productivity, however, you may feel pulled between wanting to expand and wanting to stay focused. Don't let it overwhelm you. Now that Venus is in your fourth house of the home and family, you're craving a deep, calm, and safe type of love.