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The other divisional charts are sub-divisions of this chart. 2. Hora chart However, this is subject to the Dhan yoga formed in the horoscope. 3. Dreshkanna.

Jealousy, closely followed by its snarky cousin, possessiveness. You own.

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If you find your lover flirting with someone else, or spending too much time with their family, your resentful nature will kick in long before anyone can wave the proverbial red rag to the bull. Stubbornness and self-indulgence can also prove challenging for anyone in love with a Taurus. Your sign is legendary for its cut-off-the-nose-to-spite-the-face intransigence, which can be a nightmare for an action loving, decisive or cardinal sign.

The Most Compatible Astrological Signs

Fire signs in a relationship with a Taurus can find the affair a bit like wading through treacle — sticky, slow and not necessarily all that sweet tasting. Likewise, air signs can be simply too flighty for your tastes, flitting from one interest to the next at the kind of breakneck speed you probably think should be made illegal. Taurus compatibility works best with fellow earth signs, or with gentle, emotional water signs who bring out your protective instincts.

Taurus is a complex zodiac sign, and although free love compatibility reports can give you a flavour of your relationship potential, your best bet is to try a full star sign compatibility report from Astromatcha , which will give you unique insights into your relationship based on the full birth charts of both partners. There are plenty of ways to minimise your jealousy and possessiveness and to help keep a relationship on track if you know the secrets to Taurus compatibility.

After all, what both partners really want in a relationship is fidelity, strength, passion, friendship and warmth, all of which you as a Taurus can offer in abundance to whichever other lucky zodiac sign catches your eye.

Taurus and Capricorn Love Compatibility

Choose the right partner, and your terrific personality can shine through in all of its glory. Ready to discover the real potential of your relationship? Take our free "Star Sign Compatibility Quiz" to instantly reveal your compatibility score! Your email address will not be published. Compatibility Calculator. There's definitely a slight feeling of heartbreak when the stars say your two signs aren't compatible, but is it possible there are ways to make it work?

If You’re A Taurus, Date These Signs

I'm also an extroverted adventurer. My boyfriend is a Taurus, the sign that is wildly known as being stubborn and the total opposite of a Sagittarius. Taurus is characterized as extremely patient, dedicated, persistent, stubborn and close-minded. But, they have big hearts and put their loved ones first. According to most every astrological publication, we are a match ready for disaster.

bbmpay.veritrans.co.id/app-para-conocer-gente-en-cintrunigo.php But, I think dating a Taurus is a good idea for everyone. According to AstroMatcha.

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Dating in today's society isn't so easy to begin with, but adding astrology can make it even harder. This can easily be seen in the fact my boyfriend and I are perceived to have very different wants and needs.

Taurus & Libra: Love Compatibility

I can personally say it's hard to date someone who is stubborn, and I'm sure everyone would agree. Whether the relationship is romantic or platonic, stubbornness can be a terrible trait to deal with. Due to the fact we are so different, we fill in the holes of each other's personalities.

Is Libra and Taurus a Good Match?

The Taurus is known to be a great significant other due to its strong traits, which many other signs lack. His stubbornness challenges my ability to be patient, listen and truly connect with him. Though he is stubborn, his big heart makes up for it. There are times when he will put me first, show me great love and compassion and beam optimism in every situation. There will be days when I'm uncertain of what I'm doing in my life, but it's in his Taurus nature to look ahead to a bright future and bring optimism into the situation.